A Journey of a Thousand Steps Begins with a First Post

March 22, 2009

77 365 It's beginning to feel a bit like Spring...

All newborn blogs are in desperate need of a first post; the few lines contained within it a gust of fresh air which revitalise this youngest branch of the digital space we all know, and love, as the Internet. These few lines, and the words which compose them, will say nothing in the case of this blog as I–the author of hopefully many future posts–am simply reaching out my hands in friendship in an attempt to get to know this blog.

I have an idea which has rummaged through my mind for a few weeks now, and today was the day when I decided that it had matured enough to be able to with grace manage to take the step from being a whisper in my ear to become something palpable (at least in a metaphorical sense).

I wish to use this space to make a difference–no matter how small it may be–in order to make full use of each day, as I have found that the days are all too prone to disappearing before one has been given the opportunity to cease them. This blog is therefore a web in which my chances of making full use of the hours which fly past me hopefully will be more easily trapped.

I spend my days doing a little bit of everything, and I feel that at least a portion of my experiences and ideas may be worth sharing with the world. Does the world not wish to take part, I will not mind, but the notion of that one of my posts of ponder and projects may be able to inspire at least one person is what will motivate me to make use of the pixels and digital space whih I now have created for myself to occupy.


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