Tea Time

January 14, 2010


Most of my dreams are quite insignificant, and matter little to the grand scheme of things. One such dream of mine has been to get a set of porcelain which is sweet, but not extravagant.

Last weekend I found myself browsing the contents of a charity shop. Most often, they contain nothing of interest, but every once in a while one comes across something that speaks to one. This little set of porcelain was such an item.

It seemed a bit too inexpensive for an entire set of 30 pieces, and so I was on the verge of leaving the shop when I found the courage to inquire as to its price; it did indeed apply to the entire set. I therefore bought it without further ado.

I carried it back to my home of three days through the snowy sleet, taking great care as to not slip in my high heels and destroy the treasure I had found. I made it back safely, and without incident, and I have since valued it greatly.

Some of the cups have cracks, and some of the plates have chips missing. But I do not mind, as it only means the items have a history. They were once used and loved before left in the care of the charity shop. And now, they are mine to love and care for.

Every morning I use one of the cups to have my morning tea in — Earl Grey, as it is my favourite kind of tea. It is the perfect start to any morning, as the adorable pattern cannot make one do anything but smile.

10 Responses to “Tea Time”

  1. Elena Says:

    I found your blog through a friend’s blog. I love the way you write. I work in the China department in a store I live and I also drink a lot of tea. I have found I’ll search old China patterns. There’s some really beautiful ones. I love yours. Who is it made by? Looks a lot like the Royal Albert patterns.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Oh, I do agree; there are so many beautiful patterns on China. If I didn’t adore harmony so much I’d buy one item from each line and mix them all together and create a gallery in my cupboard.

      I actually have no idea who it is made by. I’ve tried to look into it, but they’re complete unsigned and -marked. All that’s present is a string of four numbers on a few of them, although I couldn’t find it now when I went turning them all over!

  2. Elena Says:

    I may do that some day. So far I’ve been collecting random pieces of China, like a pattern called Sarah’s Garden which reminds me a lot of scientific illustration or botany drawings. I love it.

    Is there a symbol anywhere on it? That’s strange that they are unmarked!

    • Oh, I think my family has a similar set back home! It’s truly beautiful.

      I managed to find the numbers–on the saucers. But I find it’s hard to make out, written in gold. I think it says either “2665” or “2165”, though it could say “7165” too. It’s really hard to make out.

  3. Elena Says:

    Hmm. I tried searching it all last night (obsessive compulsive I guess) but found nothing. It’s bizarre. There’s no stamp on it? I suppose it will remain a mystery! I should post my collection of tea cups and saucers. My Opa collected them a long time ago. I also got his old china egg cups. What I really want is some Dutch china though.

    • No, indeed, it’s quite puzzling. But never the less, I do offer my gratitude for your help in attempting to solve this mystery. :)

      Oh, indeed, do post your collection. I am certain there are more people out here than myself who would love to see it!

      Dutch china is truly beautiful; it’s an admirable goal to aspire for.

  4. Elena Says:

    I have two blogs, however I’m not so eloquent as you. I just love to read what people write, it’s amazing how people can paint imagery with words.

  5. Elena Says:

    It certainly is one of the joys of life. I wish painting was considered one as well, but perhaps it will get there soon.

    I have posted an image of a teacup I have from the Sarah’s Garden collection.

    And yes, it is. My Opa has a lot of Dutch China, which he displays proudly in his home all along the tops of the cabinets.

    Also, I read your comment on my blog, and I certainly hope something will fill it soon. It’s difficult not knowing what it is, though. Or, when it will come.

  6. Vil Says:

    Vilken härlig! c:
    Jag har precis lyckats länka dig från min blogroll, men det var inte helt lätt att hitta den. 8D Baksidan av wordpress kan vara lite rörig att orientera sig i.

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