Springtime Promenade

June 13, 2010

Bluebell Beeches

One morning in late May I caught the first train to the rural outskirts of London and was rewarded with the most beautiful of springtime sights.

Hilltop Town

It did not take me long to wander downhill from the station and through the old town that resides in the valley beneath the modern settlement. Before the first half an hour had passed I could overlook the western part of the town of the hilltop which I had climbed.

Keeping Gate

Having cleared the town and its outskirts, I found myself passing through the barrier that separated the urban and the rural countryside: a charming gate blushing with rust.

Dust Road

The first field put me in a feeling of sheer delight, the rolling slopes encouraging me to believe I was one with the sky as the wind played with my long skirt. Eventually, I reached a dust road that promised to carry me as far as I wished.

Dandelion Hill

My springtime walk took place late in May, and I found the first generation of dandelions had allowed their sparkling gold to fade to the hue of cotton-like copper I so adore.

Bluebell Forest

I shall always with fondness remember my first visit to a forest whose atmosphere was adorned with the sweet, perfumed scent of bluebell hyacinths.

Power Line

Although I had walked for almost five consecutive hours, it was still bitter-sweet to know I had reached my final destination and my springtime walk had come to an end. Never the less, my first introduction to the British countryside did nothing but cement my affection and enamour me yet more.

[This post features pictures taken during the walk detailed in Weightless Adventures.]

Thank you Vil for helping upload these pictures when my Internet connection laughed at me!


3 Responses to “Springtime Promenade”

  1. Vil Says:

    Like I said over Skype; those pictures are beyond gorgeous! It’s mildly insane how pretty it is, that walk must have been amazing!

    …For some reason the scenery reminds me of Wuthering Heights, but let’s not go down that route ok? 8D That book nearly drove ME insane!

  2. Vil Says:

    Det blir en del, men det är mkt tillbakakommentarer och sådant. XD Alltså, miljön påminner om den i boken på ett bra sätt, för miljön var ändå trevlig. Det var ju karaktärerna som samtliga var mer eller mindre insane. 8D Oftast mer.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful pictures! It makes me a little sad and homesick to have missed such a beautiful month (though I have seen other strange and wonderful things in Greenland… details soon, I promise!)

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