Beach Ballerina

My name is Josephine and I am a solemn philosopher and an attentive observer of life.

I was born and raised in Northern Europe but having found genuine intelligent challenges wanting I decided to pursue a life-long dream and moved to the United Kingdom.

For the moment I study towards a MSci in Genetics at University College London. In addition, I am a self-taught student of evolutionary theory, whilst harbouring a genuine interest in the ways and expressions of human behaviour.

I am of an understanding nature; a blessing having been bestowed upon me at the same time as curse, as I am of a divided mind that has rendered me a composite of opposites.

I adore to write, and I find that my of my waking hours go into penning stories down on paper, and I’ve found that seeing the children of one’s imagination grow beneath one’s fingers onto paper is among the most satisfying of things in life.

Occasionally, I also post on this blog whenever inspiration strikes. ;D

May your days shine,
Miss Josephine

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