Tooth of Time

By nature I am both opinionated and genteel; two traits which divide the very essence of my mind and spirit as they cannot co-exist. In person I am a silent and timid soul, always ready to turn the other cheek and never speak up.

Although my opinions are distinct, I am not the person to judge as I possess a mind that readily understands a range of views upon most matters — although I must stress that agreement and understanding are separate entities.

I believe that there as a defining trait of humankind is a cleft between knowledge and true understanding; there is a qualitative difference between blind facts and illuminated logic that has failed to be appreciated.

One of he purposes of this blog is to provide me with a forum where I can express the opinions and observations that I have found myself unable to express in any way other than through the written word; here people can themselves choose whether they want to listen or not.

For the most part I believe my opinions are well-founded, but I am always interested in alternative points of view that I have not considered. So, I welcome my readers to share their views upon matters as I always have been fond of respectable — and foremost polite — arguments and debates.

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