March 9, 2011

Image by Khaalis on Flickr.

I am a prisoner, free to roam to my heart’s content, but tied down, stuck, unable to move. My body and spirit are clashing, battling. One day mind shall lose to matter.

I hope that day is far away, when I am reduced to nothing more than a whisper in the night, slowly fading as the sun rises to purge the forest of its secrets, when my flame is reduced to a fading trail of smoke, bound to be forgotten.

Lazy Days

March 29, 2009


Sunday is my lazy day of the week; a day off best spent contemplating the events which passed with the past week, as well as considering what new adventures the upcoming week will bring.

During my lazy days I am doing what I do best: nothing, I just am; dedicating myself to following whatever spontaneous thought that happens to cross my mind first, however always remaining open for new suggestions as long as they are perfectly in tune with the spirit of activities to pursue during a lazy day.

These days of zero demands are best spent in another world; a world different from the one which one is supposed to live in during the all-too-long weeks. Most of the time I try to live in my own world during the weeks as well, but Sundays are particularly dedicated to this wonderful task, and I allow nothing to abduct me from the world I have formed for myself in my enamoured mind.

Today has been one of the laziest of this year’s lazy days, and I have been almost as true as is possible to my aim of doing nothing; today I have done nothing, not even stand on my legs. I have spent this lazy day with my eyes closed, lying down on a comfortable part of the wooden floors – which I otherwise usually walk upon within thinking much of it – allowing the faint spring sun to shine briefly upon me where I lay tracing the veins of the wood while appreciating their flowing motions.

The purpose of lazy days is to spend time doing what one otherwise cannot afford to do with the very much limited and precious time that one never seems to have enough of!

Another excellent activity for spending lazy days doing is to read the books one has told oneself to read, but never managed to find the time to pick up; brew yourself a cup of your favourite tea and be seated in your most comfortable armchair with some instrumental music playing in the background. Open a window and allow the breeze to carry you and the book in your hands to new worlds and their adventures; for lazy days are magical and anything may happen!

Or, one can of course do what I have spent this week’s lazy day doing – nothing. You need not follow my example exactly, as lying on the floor carries limited excitement for some. But bear in mind that excitement is not always to be sought; that one needs a few hours that are dedicated to nothing but oneself and the thoughts flying through one’s mind.

Lazy days are supposed to be spent doing nothing – for the purpose of much having been accomplished in the end. After a few hours of silent and thoughtful meditation I now feel ready to meet the new week arriving tomorrow morning and making the most of it.