Little Things

January 22, 2011

aka Orange

It’s the little things in life that bring the most prodigious joy.

Browsing the supermarket aisles one rainy morning, I came across a crate of sun-eggs, each and every one lovingly picked with a few, green leaves still attached.

Finding this brought me the greatest delight; for I find that the small details of the little things in life are what bring the most joy — and such things being plentiful means one is guaranteed to find happiness wherever one looks.


In Sweden there once lived a woman called Elsa Beskow, who was an author and illustrator. She wrote the most magnificent of stories for the young at heart — be they little or not — and they all linger in my mind, their beauty too great to ever fade. In addition to her own works, she illustrated the stories of others. One such story is the story about the orange a child lost in the woods, and which the creatures of the forest believed was an egg of the sun.

Eggg of the Sun

Tea Time

January 14, 2010


Most of my dreams are quite insignificant, and matter little to the grand scheme of things. One such dream of mine has been to get a set of porcelain which is sweet, but not extravagant.

Last weekend I found myself browsing the contents of a charity shop. Most often, they contain nothing of interest, but every once in a while one comes across something that speaks to one. This little set of porcelain was such an item.

It seemed a bit too inexpensive for an entire set of 30 pieces, and so I was on the verge of leaving the shop when I found the courage to inquire as to its price; it did indeed apply to the entire set. I therefore bought it without further ado.

I carried it back to my home of three days through the snowy sleet, taking great care as to not slip in my high heels and destroy the treasure I had found. I made it back safely, and without incident, and I have since valued it greatly.

Some of the cups have cracks, and some of the plates have chips missing. But I do not mind, as it only means the items have a history. They were once used and loved before left in the care of the charity shop. And now, they are mine to love and care for.

Every morning I use one of the cups to have my morning tea in — Earl Grey, as it is my favourite kind of tea. It is the perfect start to any morning, as the adorable pattern cannot make one do anything but smile.

Thoughts on Clothes

April 13, 2009

Green Clothes

To be sophisticated is to be well-dressed.

Having spent an evening on a brief shopping tour I shall now write a little upon the subject of clothing — inspired by the two sets of items I bought — and share with you some of my ideas about sophistication in dress, as part of being sophisticated is to be well-dressed; something I am sure many struggle with more often than they would like. As new knowledge is acquired on a daily basis, however, I hope I can assist aspiring sophisticatées with developing their own elegance by sharing advice acquired through whatever experience I possess.


Outerwear is an important part of any outfit as it is what will shield one from the elements. In many cases it is also what first meets the eye, so great care should be observed when choosing such articles.

In winter a thick coat is preferred — at least in temperate and cold climates — and I have found cashmere coats to be an excellent choice. A conservative colour (a dark or a modest, earthy colour) should be chosen — which suits your own colours well. Previously having gone with the more traditional black I have lately been keeping an eye out for either a coat in light brown — but also (very daringly) an earthy green — as I find that black or navy coats on one hand gives one a comfortable air of anonymity, but that it on the other hand all too easily gets lost among the masses.

In outerwear, the key to being sophisticated is to know how to dress in order to be uniquely anonymous.

During spring and autumn — seasons whose temperatures range widely over the course of a single day — jackets fill their purpose well of sheltering one from the winds and keeping one warm while also being light enough not to cause any problems when the sun decides to warm the lands. A jacket is an important part of a sophisticated person’s wardrobe, and great care should therefore be employed when choosing one. The crucial aspect to consider here is whether or not you will feel comfortable wearing that jacket — that is how important a piece of clothing it is — and if the answer is “no”, then have no regrets leaving the jacket in the store, no matter how beautiful it is. It is its appearance on you; how it heightens your own beauty, that is what matters. The jacket pictured above, I fell in love with immediately, as I have sought such a jacket for years. Since the purchase, I have worn and adored it on a daily basis.

In outerwear, an important part of being sophisticated is to feel comfortable when dressed to be out and about.

Sweaters and Cardigans:

Sweaters and cardigans are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe, and especially a sophisticated person’s, as they are the items of clothing which warm one during the days of the colder parts of the year, as well as what keeps one comfortable during even the chilliest of summer evenings.

A nice sweater should be made from a durable material as well as being sufficiently thick. (I find that wool works best in the mid-winter cold, and that cotton is perfect for all other situations.) Fit is very important when choosing a sweater, as it is what can make or break an outfit; and therefore also oneself. If one is comfortable with one’s body (which everyone should be!) then sweaters should reveal the curves of one’s figure — without being too tight — as a blouse or shirt should be possible to wear underneath. If one is less comfortable with their curves, a sweater can easily be used as a device of disguise. However, bear in mind that —

Sophistication is to be comfortable with one’s body.

To appear sophisticated when wearing a cardigan very much adheres to the same principles as do sweaters, only that cardigans often reveal more of the item of clothing which is worn underneath; a sweater effectively covers up everything but the collar whilst a cardigan only covers up the sleeves. Though a cardigan is possible to button up fully, I find that only the top or middle button need to be buttoned in order to make one appear as elegantly comfortable as is considered sophisticated.